World Rankings

Selfieez World Rankings


Can you take a Selfie that can reach the Top of the Selfieez World Rankings? Well, someone has to be on the number One spot! Why not you?

The whole idea of the Selfieez World Rankings came from the App creators love of pictures and of competitive sports and so what better way than to combine the two he thought as he created the Selfieez App.

How do I move up the world rankings?

  • The Selfieez World Rankings are simply an accumulation of points earned. So the more points you earn the higher your Ranking will be.
  • You earn a point every time you upload a new Selfie and it gets liked/voted upon (selfieez use a Heart that turns purple once a vote is registered). The moment you upload your latest snap, You get the chance to Heart/Like your own picture just once and that way you will always be able to gain at least one point for each new picture.
  • The best way to reach the top of the Selfieez World Rankings is to upload Fantastic, Unique and Interesting Photos and then to ask your friends to Join you as a Selfieez user and also follow you and then vote on your Photos, each picture they Heart/like means you earn one point. You can only Like a Picture ONCE.
  • The points you earn feed into an algorithm and stay on your individual profile for 12 months before they drop off, much like the ATP Tennis World Ranking points system.
  • The Biggest Points earners come from Achieving Badges, which are awarded to you by an accumulation of various actions that involve uploading photos, being voted upon and gaining followers as well as earning points for Badges.
  • You’ll see a Breakdown of possible Badge awards and the criteria for achieving them on the Badges Page on this Blog and also inside the App.

Finally we want to highlight here that the Comparison of pictures is for Fun purposes only and when inside the App on the VS pages when choosing one picture to like over another you are merely stating that you Prefer that one! And not necessarily suggesting that you do not Like the other one! It is important to recognise that the Selfieez brand is all about Positive intentions with a primary Focus on Self Discovery through Self Expression with your Selfie pictures.

The preferences for Age and Gender and Country location that we ask for inside your Profile are used within the Algorithm for the purpose of you being able to choose to Compare Pictures in as much of a Like-for-like way as possible, to increase your enjoyment. And likewise for where your pictures may feed into the Apps system.

So Have fun Sharing your great Selfie snaps with all your friends and see just who can quickly rise up the Selfieez World Rankings.

This is Me, Aldo