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Tips and Tricks – How to Take a Great Selfie

1. How to Take a Great Selfie

     Although the word “selfie” has only just recently been officially added to the dictionary, the concept has been around for a long time. In order to remove any potential doubt,

A selfie is: “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone, tablet or webcam and shared via social media”



Smartphones and Tablets are all the rage now and the camera’s incorporated within these devices can deliver great quality photo’s no matter what operating systems are used. What this book aims to do is not to revolutionize selfies, but rather outline the best techniques that lead to a great self-portrait. Selfies are not the keep-to-oneself kind of picture – they are meant to be shared with the world on a variety of online social platforms, not least of all the new “Selfieez App” which is unique in its format of many different Categories and a like-for-like voting system using points that in turn introduces the ‘Selfieez World Rankings’. Selfieez is about Fun, Sharing, Voting, Ranking and expressing yourself, a chance for you to say to the world “This is Me”

If you are really fond of taking a selfie, you may also use a monopod or a “selfie stick” to help you hold and support your cellphone and with it you can take in a wider background while clicking your selfie. A monopod allows for a still camera to be held even steadier thus allowing you to take sharper pictures. They are not only great for taking a selfie but also in taking pictures in a group setting or as we like to say groupies! How many times have you been in a family vacation or occasion and someone is missing from the photo because they are taking the picture? Well not anymore! As long as you have your monopod, all the family members, or people in your particular party or group, can now easily be included in the picture.




(Argee Neil P. Bunga and his Monopod)


Apart from the technology involved, the most important element a great selfie requires is… YOU! Even if it’s a regular, glamorous, and exotic or a rather toned out, exhausted, bored selfie, you are in the limelight. You are unique as a person and your moods, feelings, memories – they can all go into your pictures, so remember to store those special moments of your life within your photos, through any medium (we like Selfieez 🙂 in the best way possible and then share with the world.




2. Adventure/Action, Extreme



We all love adventure and adrenaline, well many do! It’s that desire for novelty and new experiences that drives us up a mountain trail, on a camel ride or towards a hot air balloon flight. Regardless of your passions or your hobbies, it is lovely to have pictures to remind us of those unique moments. When embarking on your next adventure, don’t forget your phone or your tablet, they may come in handy. Every once in a while, stop to enjoy the moment, take a deep breath and capture the beauty of it with a Selfie.

For example, are you eager to try Bungee jumping but not so sure about how to make the experience last forever? Now it’s simpler than ever.

  • Take advantage of the modern technology and snap a picture just before your big jump, or why not ‘as you jump’.
  • Proud of yourself? Show it by capturing your nervous smile with a thumbs up and also include the surreal view from the top of the jumping platform. Don’t worry about the shaky hands or the blurriness of the image. It will make the picture seem more natural and authentic.
  • Some devices have special features for outdoor activities and sports that can improve the quality of your image by automatically altering the ISO and focus time.
  • Hand in you iPhone or tablet/device to a trusty friend (we all need somebody by our side in case we get cold feet, right?) and ask them to take numerous pictures of your jump. It is better to have more to choose from because this might be a once in a lifetime event and you want to make sure you have captured the thrill of the moment.
  • Be careful with natural lighting. Take a few pictures first to check for the best angle and lighting, you don’t want to end up with pictures that are either too dark or impossible to decipher because the sun was blinding the camera.
  • Take pictures both before and after the jump. You may not feel like it because of the emotions and the adrenaline but your future self will be grateful.

Excited about getting your very first (but not last) tattoo? Do you want to remember every single second of the process, from settling on a design to having it permanently imprinted on your skin? Keep in mind these few tricks:

  • Ask first! If you want to capture the process, some tattoo artists might not feel comfortable with clients taking pictures of them while working which is understandable so in order to avoid any quarrels, ask for the green light.
  • Take pictures of the sketch imprinted on your skin and check if you are pleased with the location and the aspect of the tattoo from a pictures point of view as it will help you to know how it will look when its permanent. If the design is located in a not so easily accessible are, use a mirror or nicely ask the tattoo artist to help you.
  • It is preferable to use a high quality device and good lighting to check for the details of the tattoo
  • Some mobile cameras might alter the colors of the tattoo. Remember to change any settings on your device if needed but Automatic mode often takes a great shot.
  • The Flash might also influence the shine and the color of the tattoo so it is best advised not to use this feature as Tattoo shops tend to be well lit.

Take a great shot of your finished Tattoo! as they can fade gradually over time but at least you’ll have a great picture, ‘Selfie’ of your brand new ink. Again remember to take some Selfie’s once it is healed a week later when the colours and skin will be at its best, then one day you can show to them to your grandkids.




3. The Golden Hours of Taking Scenes.

8            8


Some of the most popular pictures taken with a phone (Android/iOS) or tablets are usually of landscapes or cityscapes. There’s something magical about a fairytale like scenery at dawn, on the banks of a lake or a canal. Should you find yourself travelling the globe or just exploring the urban jungle of your own home town, remember to keep your phone or tablet handy to capture any spectacular images.

Nowadays, modern technology has evolved so much that you no longer require a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera to take professional and magazine like photos. You have everything you need no further than your pocket.

Sometimes visiting a new place can feel overwhelming. Too many touristic attractions, wonderful architecture, noise, busy locals trying to elbow their way through confused packs of tourists and so on. There’s not much time to fully enjoy such a place so in order to make the best out of your every single trip, you can make use of the following tips and tricks:

  • The best times of the day to take pictures are called “golden hours” and are roughly one hour after dusk and one hour before sunset. The natural light is soft and perfect for well-balanced outdoor scenes.
  • This warm light is flattering for both landscapes as well as portraits so don’t feel shy, go crazy and share with the world your best morning smile.
  • Take pictures experimenting with different kinds of light, see what suits you and your ideal picture the best?
  • Try to turn off the flash. Not all devices have the capacity to take beautiful pictures in low light but it is better to have a slightly darker picture which you can afterwards brighten up using an editing app rather than an overly exposed picture that cannot be saved.
  • Try to create a composition. Don’t just randomly shoot what catches your eye. Make sure you have a balanced background and an interesting fore-ground that together create the impression of depth.
  • Be careful with the horizon. Never place it exactly in the middle of your picture. For example, if you want to shoot the sea at twilight, try to decide what you want to emphasize more: the sky or the water and allow your focus point to take up about 2/3 of the image.
  • Still nature and dull modern buildings can be brought to life by including in your pictures people. This gives you a contrast point and creates a sense of scale.
  • Go wild with the filters. Some cameras offer a range of filter options to enhance your photographing skills and of course there are now may Apps that can help you create cool vibes, dramatic landscapes or say and antique look.
  • Should you find yourself wandering the vibrant streets of a city such as London or Amsterdam, you could maybe focus on the amazing architecture. Usually contrasts and opposite colors bring life into a picture.
  • Experiment with new angles and crazy compositions in order to make your pictures unique and avoid dull classic full frontal images.
  • Find patterns and small details around you and let them spark your imagination.
  • For outdoor portraits, make use of natural shade to emphasize your subjects. Use creative backgrounds and try to focus the camera on their eyes. You can do that by gently touching the screen of your device wherever you want the phone or tablet to focus.
  • Always (and I must emphasize the ALWAYS part) make sure your phone and tablet are fully charged when going out on an exploration day. It is useful to carry your charger with you or a Juice Box external battery just in case.




4. Spread the Love through Selfieez




The dearest moments to our hearts can be the ones in the company of our significant other, therefore when love is blossoming you might just want to seize those romantic events forever, and what better way to do it than by creating photographic memories? According to the stage of your relationship, there are different categories of love-themed pictures to keep in mind.

During the initial first few dates (courtship if you like) and up to the “official announcement” of a possible relationship, there are those first shy and sometimes clumsy attempts to transpose your “blooming” feelings into actual pictures. These few dates often produce picture opportunities for holding hands, going out to events or simply enjoying one another’s company doing anything or nothing! Any activity can be fun when getting to know someone special. Taking a Selfie together and posting it on the Selfieez App can be a fun and casual way to archive your “1st”s, while also letting everyone else know at the same time. Such pictures can be either selfies from a specific event, suggesting gradual involvement, or they can simply represent pictures of you, as a forming couple, taken by common friends. Whatever the case, phone selfies are likely to be the ones here and shared more rapidly with friends using data or wifi since tablets are less likely to be with you on a date!

As any friendship or relationship gains more ground, pictures including friends and family, as well as trips or holidays are likely. Changes of scenery are always a good opportunity to take more snapshots in order to capture your time together. With the passage of time, things can evolve into a more formal commitment and this is when the new home pictures arrive ‘moving in day!’ or indeed your engagement “SHE SAID YES” is a great Selfie to have for all time! Before you know it the wedding will be up next on the list, and  while many people will have a Professional Photographer on hand it  can be a great idea to encourage friends and family to take many pictures as from these can often be found the little gems that make the day even more memorable. Children can become a part of the equation too, paving the way to another sector in the portrayal of your love-path. At the beginning of your relationship, you might have a tendency to take and post many more pictures, which is why phones are so handy and more selfie-friendly, however once you are in the habit (taking and posting Selfies) it can become a part of your life that is easy to follow and especially meaningful if you live far apart from any close friends or family.

When things become more serious, people’s exposure of their love sometimes seems to lessen. Over time you might still take records of your everyday experiences, but might turn to be more reluctant in making them public, as they grow to be more meaningful and precious. This is probably the time where phones and tablets are equally used, as you are spending more time with your partner or already live together, and you can enjoy quality time in the comfort of your home or on a vacation, undisturbed by crowded parties thrown by friends or large family gatherings. For instance, if you have just recently moved in, a lot of pictures might consist of setting up the new apartment or house, you struggling to move furniture, failing to put together IKEA items or simply painting and decorating. These are perfect snaps for your post-moving in time, when you laugh at all the hassle you went through together. Further down the road, the same activities can be repeated in order to accommodate a private engagement reception, the hosting of family dinners, the arrival of a baby or the welcoming of a pet. This means that you have a lot of moments that you need to transpose into great pictures, so keep your phone and tablet close by; chances are these are the later albums you will be admiring for years to come!

Love works in different ways with different people, therefore these “rational” aforementioned rules are only a rough guideline. You may be an extrovert, sharing couple photos throughout your relationship, or you might be reserved and private from the onset. Irrespective of your level of openness towards the distribution of your relationship in pictures, you will always want those special moments to stick with you – one way or another. Hence, make sure you have a record of your moments together, whether good or bad, because such pictures make for good stories in the long run!





Obviously, the cases mentioned earlier are the lucky ones, because life doesn’t always work this way. Sometimes, the most intimate experiences people share become meaningless as their relationship falls apart and such is life!. There are the sensible folks who are courteous enough to delete pictures of their exes and move on with their lives, and there are not-so-nice actions where some amuse themselves by sharing personal archives for the world to see. Remember that time you convinced your ex-boyfriend to let you do his make-up just for fun? Why should you be selfish and keep that to yourself, when there are clearly others who would have a good laugh over the snapshot as well? Same goes for that time you dyed your hair all by yourself for the first time – surely your ex thinks the different shades of orange you had resembles a nice sunset, otherwise why would he have tweeted about it? Joking aside, some couples take their fall out to a whole new level by posting a divorce selfie or a picture from a double date with their new partners. In love and in war everything is truly possible, as they say! However, Selfieez love their users sharing great pictures and want their emphasis to always be about Fun, Friendship, Interests, Love and Peace.


 5. Groupie


86th Academy Awards - Audience


Unless you’ve been living under a giant rock or you have just woken up from a coma and can’t remember 2014, you must have heard about the most famous group selfie ever. It was taken by Bradley Cooper at the 2014 Oscars ceremony and twitted by Ellen DeGeneres. In about two hours it had been retweeted by 2.5 million people. Well, that’s indeed a great selfie. If you aren’t friends with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence you stand no chance to break that world record but you can give it a try. Barack Obama and the Pope did their best and got pretty close to it. Gather up your (less popular) friends and have fun taking selfies.

  • Check the background! I know that in the heat of the moment you might get excited but remember photo bombers are not just a myth.
  • Make room in the picture for the scenery. Whether you’re attending a Beyoncé concert or visiting Rome, remember to both capture your friends’ smiles and part of the view.
  • Goof around, pull funny faces and try new looks. Strike a pose, Vogue If you have that Madonna feel.
  • It helps to have a good quality phone. Modern smart phones like iPhones or Android equivalents are awesome. If you have a tablet or iPad try to use those instead because they can often have even better cameras.
  • If you’re the one taking the groupie picture, make sure you position yourself lower than the others behind you or somewhere in the lateral extremities of the scene. By doing this you will be the centre of attention and you’ll be able to fit everybody in the picture. We all hate it when somebody steals our thunder by covering our faces so be a good player and don’t do this to your buddies.
  • Try to take the picture from above, nobody wants to look up your nostrils. Elevate the phone slightly above your head and tilt it. This can help you find a flattering angle
  • Make sure all your friends are ready for the selfie (or maybe don’t? hahaha). Say cheese and give people 3-4 seconds to fix their faces, bangs and posture but not too many ‘cause people will get bored and you’ll end up with an awkward and unnatural looking photo.
  • We all have that one friend who never likes to be in the picture but see if you can persuade them to be part of the selfie. Call them a wet blanket or whatever does the job but make sure that you make them comfortable participating. It would be a pity for them to be left out, they’ll thank you later
  • If you don’t want to be the one taking the picture, try to find the person with the longest arms to snap it. This will help include more people and avoid arguments regarding being partially cropped out.
  • Take numerous pictures so that everybody in the picture has their eyes open, their hair perfectly fixed and their smiles on.
  • Find the perfect light and don’t use the flash, if you can help it. You will avoid red eyes and pale looking skin.


6. Pet Lovers

15             16


For pet lovers, there is no such thing as “too many pictures of my animal”. As this chapter name indicates, there is something magical about the connection between an animal and its owner, and much of the time this is most easily captured in a photographic form. Now, many people believe in a binary division of pet owners: dog persons and cat persons, period. What differences are between these two categories and which one portrays a more special relationship?

Dog owners pride themselves on their companions’ unconditional love and loyalty. Generally speaking, someone who has a dog will likely have the following types of pictures:

  • Dogs making puppy eyes in order to get treats or a bite of their owners’ food.
  • Such pictures can be taken with a phone or a tablet and they don’t require a clear focus on the animal because guess what, dogs are very concentrated and stand still in order to get what they want; of course, there is the case of very agitated or impatient dogs for which an anti-shake option would come in very handy
  • Dogs acting silly around the house or in the park.
  • Most of the times, when they have a lot of energy that they need to burn off or they are simply overly excited at being around you, dogs can be extremely playful and fun to be around, therefore get prepared to keep up with them and work on your timing skills, because you will need to multitask between taking a clear snapshot, having enough light, a good positioning and a proper angle, as everything can be happening really fast.
  • Dogs being absolutely adorable.
  • The times when your dog just melts your heart away with a cute look, cuddles with you or follows you around everywhere because he wants to be a part of your activities are perfect to take either pictures of your dog or selfies with them, most of them will love the attention, as long as you make sure to use a front camera, no flash and potentially no sound effects to avoid scaring them away.





Cat owners are probably less likely to subscribe to the above-mentioned categories, and typically their pictures fall into the following sections:

  • Cats being caught in the middle of doing bad things!
  • Unlike dogs, cats are very inquisitive and demanding when it comes to claiming their territory, they will explore every corner of your house regardless of how badly you reprimand them, therefore if you cannot find your cat at any given point, just have your phone or tablet ready when you enter a room, they are most definitely scratching furniture or climbing up your curtains.
  • You don’t own a cat; a cat owns you, the sooner you get to terms with this idea, the better for you.
  • as strange as it may seem to some, cats do not worship you for offering them a shelter, they more likely feel entitled to the best treatment you can possibly give them, therefore when you make attempts to take pictures with your cat, you will need to guide them into the picture, so put your gymnastics to good use and good luck trying to get hold of the animal; anti-shake, no flash, no sound, you may have to ninja your way through a snapshot with your own cat.
  • As mighty a creature they might seem, cats are subject to their own level of foolishness.
  • The best times with cats is when you can get their attention and activate their playful mode, because that’s when they will be enthusiastic and intrigued about games, and therefore you are most likely to get spectacular shots of them chasing toys or shadows or indeed running around the room.

Sometimes you can get even greater pictures of your animals, be those dogs, cats or any other kind, when you don’t “set the scene” and act spontaneously. Other than the times when they willingly choose to stand still because they are tired or lazy, you will need to learn how to juggle with the motion settings of your phone or tablet, because obtaining clear images can sometimes be tricky. Editing features such as special effects are not necessarily a must, but proper lighting is essential in order to capture your pet’s features. If you choose to be in the picture as well (and let’s be honest, you do!), you don’t need to do anything other than put on the biggest smile you have and let everyone realize how fond you are of your animal.

Some people are so crazy in love about their pets that they make a daily or regular thing out of taking their picture. For example, there are people who set up Facebook pages or accounts for their pet or who attract an entire community of followers on Instagram by using hashtags, – you get the gist of it! So now if you are a Pet Lover it’s your chance to share your pet pictures with the world on Selfieez,   how high a world ranking can your darling pet reach?

An Idea you may like is to create a scrapbook for your pet’s anniversary or perhaps to print a calendar for the following year using pictures of your wonderful pet taken throughout various seasons. If so then taking the best quality pictures with your tablet rather than your phone could prove a most useful Tip.


7. Engines







When it comes to your preferred means of travelling or simply moving around the city, from home to work and vice versa, or perhaps from leisure pursuits and even parties on the Beach waves, your “motor” can play an important role. With your driving license, often comes your car or motorcycle, or something more exotic perhaps? and more often than not, your method of transport for work or play can secretly (or overtly) become your “baby”. If this is the case, you are most probably no stranger to taking pictures of or with your vehicle! be it a Car, Bike, Jet Ski, Boat etc.

It is not only men who choose to take pictures of their cars, but they are most probably more worried about the quality of the photo and they will only do it when their beloved one (i.e. the car) is freshly washed and prepped for a photo shoot. Guys want that ‘perfect’ focus and anti-shake option enabled, so as to capture the car in its entirety looking its best in every detail, interior or exterior. To find your best shots might often require natural light and maybe  professional editing effects will make your Pictures really shine and maybe add the capability of a dramatic touch?. Women, on the other hand, unless they are passionate about cars, will take a picture in the car, rather than of the car. A selfie while parked or being stuck in traffic, a quick snapshot of their outfit or a picture with their accompanying friends – these are more likely to occur within a female owned car. Moreover, women are not particularly fussed if their car is not 100% clean, they will amuse themselves by taking pictures on the way to the car wash, of the car being “pampered” and then of the final result. As they are not so keen on capturing technical details, all they will require is a phone or tablet with good editing apps, but more for themselves, and not the car! lol.

Motorcycles however are a completely different story. Men and women alike stand on an equality front line when it comes to bikes, perhaps because there is no gender distinction amongst adrenaline junkies? Guys and Gals will take pictures of their two-wheeled babies and often will seek out the most scenic places and the most advantageous editing effects. Motorcycles are more difficult to capture in enticing pictures if you are not inclined towards photography to begin with, so it is important that you learn how to master motion effects on your phone and tablet and look up what positions would be suitable to capture a good pose. Remember to find a more secluded venue or certainly less traffic circulated roads as a starting point to start exercising your skills. In this way you can take your time and shoot snaps for as long as you like trying different angles, distances and sun positions etc. If you are a City person, you can always find sidewalk spots that give you a flattering view of the traffic behind. Practice makes perfect! There are other people who choose different vehicles, more traditional, common or downright hipster. For example, those who are “healthy lifestyle” conscious or concerned about the environment might opt for a bike without an Engine? in order to move more easily in traffic, while reducing carbon emission and of course keeping fit at the same time. The mobility of a bicycle facilitates attractive and picturesque shots when access to some locations is denied to cars. If you have a bicycle yourself, you probably know that your pictures will range from you in a suit going to work, in a sports outfit around the park, equipped for a rough trail in the mountains, pedaling across a breezy promenade, going slowly through countryside landscape in a remote location – you name it. The focus of your pictures will be evenly divided between you and the bicycle, so you can rely on a soft sunny light or you can upload a silhouette of you on the bike against a colorful dawn, there are really no limits!

Still in the “conventional” category, there are people who have a skate or ride a scooter. The former are probably somewhat similar to motorcycle owners in the sense that when they try and do tricks, they need good reflexes to capture the perfect moment. Both skate and scooter shots look particularly great if you know how to find the right balance between the amount of movement and the amount of stillness. We all love to appreciate people who have learnt how to “master it” and have pictures of themselves while performing various stunts. Last, but not least, come the nonconformists whose “baby” represents a mono wheel (or monocycle, as it is called in some places). With this kind of vehicle, it is not only your photographic skills that you need to sharpen, it is your not-at-all-mainstream sense that you need to activate. These varying types of machines are fascinating to watch and can make great pictures as still many people are unaware of their existence, so if you see one! Take a picture with it and upload to your account in Selfieez for a shot at a high ranking photo. Whichever your “motor” is, make sure you have loads of fun using it safely and occasionally just to immortalize a special moment, share a motor selfie too!





8. Foodies




Whether you’re a passionate amateur chef or just a big fan of cute looking dishes, you’ll always feel the itchy need to take a picture of your meals. I know, some consider it to be a guilty pleasure but we all do it (admit it!) to impress people with our skills in the kitchen, to brag about our healthy habits or to let the world know how awesome and delicious was that crazy dish from that exotic restaurant whose name you can’t even pronounce. It’s good for inspiration; it keeps you motivated to experiment with new ingredients and ideas. Apparently scientists have highlighted the fact that a well put together dish can be even more satisfying than a messy and less neat one! So if you bother to take the extra time to make your food and beverages look dandy, don’t be afraid to snap a picture of it with your iPhone’s and post it on Selfieez.

Regardless of your reasons, taking good food pictures is essential in this day and age (doh!) so make sure you have fun while doing it. Maybe you are out and about in a cafe or restaurant and take a snap of something different or maybe you are that home loving chef who’s proud to share your culinary masterpiece!

  • If you feel brave enough to experiment in the kitchen, take pictures of the cooking process. Include colorful ingredients, cooking gear, and the mess you did while trying to peel the vegetables, whatever you think might make the picture ‘likable’ and gain you some votes.


  • The aspect of your plate is what catches the eye. Unfortunately modern technology doesn’t give us the freedom to share smell and taste (yet) so you’ll have to make do with what you have and that is stimulating our visual receptors, in Selfieez presentation is everything!
  • Choose a plate that goes well with the food and complements it. The safest choice would be to go for white china.
  • Consider an angle that flatters what you’re eating. What is impressive about it? Size, color, aspect, side decorations? Feel free to experiment with framing.
  • Try not to use flash. Natural light is essential but you could also snap a pretty good picture using the romantic dim light most restaurants provide. If you can, set your plate next to a window and try to have the light at your back.
  • Get close to your dish or cup of foamy cappuccino. Don’t be shy! Capture the texture of the food and let it fill the entire frame of the picture.
  • Go crazy with the composition, make it look natural and delicious. Try to use some herbs around the plate, use nice cutlery and make everything look well put together.
  • Don’t exaggerate with the props. Sometimes less is more.
  • Share with the world on Selfieez your first bite! Grab your favorite fork and dig in. It’s all about the small details that will make the ones you show your picture to drool with envy.
  • Play with your camera’s settings and adjust the brightness to your likeness. Warm up the light to make your meal look like a lazy Saturday holiday afternoon.



9. Celebrations




Documenting the celebratory moments in life is as popular now as ever and even more so due to the ease of our digital lifestyles and this amazing internet. While many social networks keep your groups small and tight to just family and friends, Selfieez has the benefit of also sharing with your wider audience, allowing all other users to see and vote on your most excellent of snaps and genius photographic moments of Joy. So just go ahead and share the Love, Fun and Happiness from all your Celebrations. If your pictures felt  great to you as they were happening then you can be sure they will bring a smile to someone else’s face!  Share the smiles 🙂


  • Birthday parties – they say “charity begins at home”, therefore the no. 1 birthday party you will be attending is your own, of course, this is where you will be in the limelight, surrounded by friends and family. While there are numerous types of parties, a typical image would be of people gathered together with a joyful atmosphere surrounded by love and happiness. It is probably useless to suggest that you put a big smile on, you will surely be ecstatic and spreading positive vibes everywhere. Make sure your friends have their phones and tablets ready! Be careful how you position yourself and how close the camera is to your face – flash pictures have a tendency to brighten your face tremendously or harshen your traits. While for boys there is no other remedy than to adjust the distance, girls can always use “photo ready” make-up, so as not to have an unwanted glow in the pictures. Don’t spoil your fun by thinking too much about the pictures, just click click away catching the special moments and check them later. If you find a few that are almost great and worth keeping then with a good editing app, you can sometimes “save” a photo, so there is always hope!


  • Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas – And any important religious holiday that you cherish like these are usually dedicated to family first, and then friends. Because they are an important reason to regain touch with your culture, traditions, and most importantly connect with family members, they can have more meaning attached to them and the pictures taken on these occasions can seem all the more special. Take the time to use your skills in order to introduce social media or technology in itself to “initiates”. Instead of laughing at your grandmother who doesn’t know what a “hashtag” is or is surprised at how your phone has a front and a back camera, teach her what a selfie is or perhaps show her how a magical app can make your picture look like the ones she used to take when you were little, by the touch of a button. Speaking of touchscreen, let your older relatives have a try with the different editing options, they might not have a smartphone or an iPhone, but they will have fun using yours and instead of scolding you for checking your internet at a family gathering, they may appreciate your effort of bringing them into your “virtual world”. You will be amazed at how much little gestures like these mean to them, and you get to change an entire generation’s concept of “taking a photo”!


Halloween, themed- and dress up-parties – even if your culture celebrates it or not, picking a costume for Halloween is still fun and exciting. Unless you are keen to follow the “rules” of the celebration and will actually go “trick & treat”, you are most likely to end up in a club or party venue with your friends, where you will undoubtedly take numerous (far too many) pictures of each other’s costumes. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to be Halloween; friends may organize a themed party for which you need to wear a specific dress code or dress-up parties, where you need to show up in a certain type of costume. In all of these places, it is most likely that there will be dim, artificial light, if any picture-flattering light at all, therefore the same principle as with birthday parties applies. if you want to avoid the disappointment of putting time and effort into your costume and it going to waste because of poor “photo shoot” conditions, take a picture at your friends’ house before going out or even at your own place, after you get ready. In this way, you surely have a good picture to post online in Selfieez for everyone to see your awesome costume. If the other pictures from the party turn out great? That will just be a bonus! Anti-shake and night mode pictures are an option of course, especially if you are in a club where these celebratory occasions can often be quite hectic. Irrespective of how badly you want a good picture at the scene, it is so much better to be safe than sorry, Snap it right at the start of the fun on your arrival just in case.



10. You are now Ready!



Modern technology like the ‘Selfieez App’ allows you to preserve those precious moments and also share them, spreading the joy, so allow yourself to find inspiration in whatever surrounds you. Best outcomes often arrive from crazy ideas and unexpected combinations. When posting your pictures online, it’s worth reading the privacy policy and terms of service within any application to fully understand the nature of that application. It is well known that once something is online, it may be out there forever so don’t post anything you might regret later, Think! Before posting a funny but slightly compromising picture of you or your friends, OK.

Now that you’ve scrolled through the pages of this guide, you are more than ready to go on and take the best selfies out there. Regardless of the social media platform you decide to post them on (Selfieez Rocks!) or the reasons behind taking the pictures, remember that photos are memories that last forever and it is not so much the techniques that matter but the feelings behind those images. Your first cooked meal, your first day of high school, your first Date, That summer family trip to the sea side, they all deserve to be captured. Forget about insecurities and flaws, you are Unique and beautiful just as you are, you deserve to have fun taking selfies. Be brave and embrace your inner beauty. The most important thing about taking selfies is to have a great time taking them. In a fun mode, put on funny faces, pull out your tongue or try out your best duck face. Just enjoy every second of your life that you can and don’t feel pressured to snap a picture just because you’ve heard it’s popular to do so. Take a Selfie, just if and whenever YOU like.

Remember that behind every ‘awesome selfie’ there might be 30 similar ones which were just not perfect enough for you? So don’t worry, don’t give up on trying, eventually you’ll capture a classic and one of your pictures may even make it to the top of the Selfieez World Rankings.

My friend, may the Selfieez force be with you!