Google Glass

Is wearing this kind of glasses weird or creepy to you?   This glass is called the Google glass and is a hi-tech one… futuristic indeed. The scientists of this time are truly creating amazi... Read More

Selfieez® Is Moving Up

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With the selfie moving up, SelfieezⓇ is on the same path.   Who among you doesn’t take selfies? No one I suppose. Well that’s because almost all mankind, as in ALMOST ALL, takes selfies alr... Read More

Squad Goals

Squad goals? We all have our circle of friends. People who we are comfortable with. We tell jokes, insults, bad and good experiences, and with girls, even gossip (don’t deny it girls. haha). &n... Read More

Selfie With A Shelfie

Alright! Book lovers alert! You might get jealous of this girl that just took a selfie with her bookshelf in the background. And oh my, it is full of books.   Do you have one too? Take a selfie w... Read More

Garage Gym

You’re not the gym kind of person but still works out?   Then you must be someone like Brandy, @BrandyStone89. She turned her garage into her gym. Why not, right? You can workout anywhere ... Read More

Summer Lovin’

Summer lovin’? San Francisco could actually be one of the most romantic cities in North America! That view of the bridge really tells it all. When you get an awesome spot to view it, you just go... Read More