Selfieez welcomes Kirsty Maclauchlan! The Selfie Illustrations in Copic Art Series.

Two months ago, we featured a very promising artist from University of Sterling, UK who is a Fine Artist and Illustrator.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Art and Design and graduated with a 1st Class Degree accolade on her cap.  She recently won a competition to create artwork for the MacRobert Arts Center.

We are very proud to feature The Selfie Illistrations in Copic Art Series by Kirsty Maclauchan.

In MacRoberts quest to try something new and support local emerging artists, they have selected Kirsty Maclauchlan’s.  MacRobert has been working in partnership with Kirsty on a brief to replace their traditional large scale Christmas tree. Kirsty Maclauchlan’s illustration of a 1970s family Christmas scene has been selected as the replacement, and was be displayed in the MacRobert foyer.

Located at the heart of the University of Stirling, Macrobert Arts Centre is a cultural hub for Stirling, the Forth Valley and Scotland.

iGeneration, the powerful illustrations by Kirsty Maclauchlan. A great coffee table book.

This  project was to produce a series of portraits that capture the various personas prevalent in today’s youth culture/sub cultures, both online and offline. The drawings are a reflection on our changing society, where egocentric people are becoming more visible than your modest human. We now live in a world where teenagers are more interested in constructing an identity online than they are in making an outward show of their allegiances and interests. The book is to show the link between the subjects and the information collected through the research of the subcultures. The book is filled with realistic portraits of these subcultures and info graphics.

Artist Statement


Art is beautiful, impressive and aesthetical; Art is a demonstration of the vision of the human mind. It allows you to gain access within yourself to develop the concentration of an idea or concept into a physical entity. It expresses itself with the materials you use which mean nothing, but what you can create with them can have so much philosophical statement and indication from the artists mind. I have always had confidence and my own unique style of drawing. My focus is the documentation of people, who are always changing and adapting to todays pop culture, politics and networking. I draw with very thin fine liner pens or ballpoint pen, trying to encapsulate as much detail as possible. The drawbacks of the material itself have influenced me, as one cannot ease mistakes. My interest in art has always kept my mind open to new ideas. Drawing is my discipline, my hobby and my greatest pleasure and has taken up much of my time trying to perfect my work. There is a growing awareness of the importance of visual materials and methods in social research; I think drawing portraits photographically focuses on time and memory showing the subjects consciousness and his/her senses thus linking the visual documentation (the drawing) and the subject autobiographically. I have great interpersonal skills and communication skills that I have gained from communicating with other artists and the public. I believe that you cannot become a great illustrator without knowing what people want to see. I take daily life as a subject matter while commenting on the everyday aesthetic of different people of different classes my work approaches a wide scale of subjects through realistic drawing.   – Kirtsy Maclauchlan-

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