About Us

About the Selfieez App


Selfieez is a journey of self-discovery through self-expression! and is here to help you express your uniqueness through sharing your lovely selfie photos, and proudly saying to the world This is Me. At the same time you will enjoy Voting on your Favorite pictures found within the interesting Categories. To Top it all off you’ll discover Selfieez World Ranking can be yours as people vote for you, through your amazing pictures.

You see we created Selfieez for you to have fun sharing and voting with like-minded people who have similar interests. Also because of our Love for friendly competition we created a Fun rewards/badges and ranking system allowing you to easily rise up the Selfieez World Rankings!

While the Selfieez App was created by Alan Douglas, a.k.a. ALDO, it takes a Team to actually build it, bringing it to life so that it may continually grow and evolve!

The Selfieez team includes:




ALDO, the Creator, the Dreamer, the Competitor 🙂










SHANE, the Dancing Queen who manages admin with Beauty and Grace!










PUNEET, the Artistic and Creative Designer who owns a natural flair for what looks and feels Balanced







LAUREN, a communication connoisseur with a passion for all things collaborative and creative. Guiding “Y’all Selfieez team” with App Marketing and Special Events.













DANNY, our online Development Guru, Trainer and Strategist












LISA, the Lovely Lisa is our Legal Guardian Angel.









GIRISH, He’s always talking in Code, we just hope someone understands?









LISH, Lucky Seven we say! who’s networking her way Creating and linking our content to the Social World. 







The concept of the Selfieez App and the Selfieez World Ranking came from its creators love of pictures and of competitive sports and so what better way of self expression (He Dreamed) than to combine the two. Social communication has further expanded with the arrival of Selfieez, in creating a fun, safe and friendly environment for everyone to share their special moments captured on camera, allowing you to share not only with friends, family and followers but also with the World.