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Sketch Me

This one really have a talent.   Han from twitter, @hannahdoepp, said she started sketching at 4am. And I am guessing that this might be her selfie at that time too and well, she couldn’t sleep... Read More

Le Angry Selfie

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I guess someone’s concerned. Hmm..   Jake Miller posted this angry selfie in twitter saying that “Angry selfie cause this dude is texting and driving. But I guess taking selfies and driving i... Read More

Love Selfies

Is there a reason to hate selfies?   Discover the awesomeness of life through selfies. If you haven’t tried it yet (because some people really haven’t even tried it), you gotta do it now. Sta... Read More


Blood is thicker than water. That phrase we’ve always heard ever since. Lots of us has proven it true to, if not all. We always have this strong calling with family bonds. That thing, I think, won... Read More