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Great Smiles

Nothing can make your day any better than seeing people with beautiful smiles, right?   A smile is a reflection of happiness, contentment, and a lot more positive things in life. So if someone sm... Read More

Michelle Lewin

Meet Michelle Lewin. She is a fitness model and is very dedicated in her healthy lifestyle. Sure she works hard for that kind of fitness and it really pays off.   One of the biggest fitness expos... Read More

Split In Half

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So obviously, I haven’t gotten over the mirror selfies lately. Haha   This one is another work of art in a sense that it is creative (ok let’s give him credit for that). Well he stuck his fac... Read More

Heartwarming Selfies

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Some selfies are just so beautiful they melt your heart.   Just a simple smile ei? But when you look at it closely, and reflect upon life (I’m being serious here 🙂 ), you will just get to se... Read More


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If you love Cara Delevingne, you will love her more with this!   Kissing a bunny is a plus points for all your selfies. Lol. But ain’t that true for this one? Cara is already awesome, kissing t... Read More

Team Tennis

Wooh! Team Tennis here challenges everyone to send them their best Team Selfies. Just like the one in the photo. This one’s already amazing. But if you still have more in your pocket, you better tak... Read More