How To Stay Fit When Socializing Over The Summer By Alex Crockford

  • Eating Out Tips 
Eating at home and preparing your own food is always going to delivery your best results, but in the summer we know what it’s like; lots of social evenings, BBQs and parties. So what can you do to enjoy yourself without ruining all your healthy hard work? My top tips:
~ drink lots of water, even if it’s alongside something not so healthy.
~ ask how foods are cooked/prepared.
~ ask for extra salad or veg instead of the chips.
~ don’t keep eating after you’re full. You can ask to take food home for later/tomorrow.
~ ask for sauces/dips to come on the side, so you can limit how much you have.
~ check the menu before you go so you can make an evaluated choice, rather than a rushed stressful one.
~ when the dessert menu comes, ask for a green tea and look forward to a healthy treat when you get home such as some dark chocolate or greek yoghurt.
If your friends are real friends then they should support you in your healthy summer, you might even inspire them to join you.
  • Social Drinks Tips 
Alongside those meals out are usually lots of social drinks and parties etc. this is sometimes unavoidable however here are a few things to help you get through the summer in fit shape.
~ first of all, sometimes you could designate yourself as the driver, meaning you don’t drink at all.
~ if that’s no fun… Then choice of beverage can make or break you, as calories (and sugar) vary massively depending on what you choose. Try to limit the types of cocktails filled with mixers and juices, and try to keep to the clear spirits and smaller drinks.
~ and like I keep repeating… Try drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic drink.
Cheering up
By Alex Crockford
~Selfieez Fitness Guru

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