Selfieez Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page! You will find here the most commonly asked questions along with some answers that we trust will help guide you to enjoy your Selfieez experience! 


  1.  How do I move up the world rankings?
  • The Selfieez World Rankings are simply an accumulation of points earned. So the more points you earn the higher your Ranking will be.
  • You earn a point every time you upload a new Selfie and it gets liked and voted upon.
  • The best way to reach the top of the “Selfieez World Rankings” is to upload Fantastic, Unique and Interesting Photos and then to ask your friends to Join you as a Selfieez user and to vote on your Photos
  • The Biggest Points earners come from Achieving Badges, which are awarded to you by an accumulation of various actions that involve uploading photos, being voted upon and gaining followers as well as earning points.
  • You’ll see a Breakdown of possible Badge awards and the criteria for achieving them on the Badges Page.
  1. How do I Update my Profile Information?
  • Click on the Pencil Icon on your Profile Page then the Profile Edit Screen will appear.
  • You can update your Username, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Country, Age, Relationship and your Status.
  • Back button navigates to “My Profile” Selfieez Screen.


  1. How to Change and Set my Profile Picture
  • Go to your Profile and tap the empty circle above your name (place icon here).
  • Pick where you’d like to import your picture from (Your Gallery or take a new photo)


  1. Login Troubleshooting

Forgot your Password?

  • Click on the Login and then Forgot Password link.
  • You will receive a link to reset your password through email to your registered Email-ID.
  • You will receive an email together with your random auto-generated password.

I’m not receiving the Password Reset Email?

  • If you are not receiving the Password Reset Email, it is possible that the email is going to your spam folder.
  • Check your Spam Folder


  1. How do I Upload my Photo?
  • Tap the Camera Icon at the top right of your screen.
  • Bottom left camera icon is the option for flip camera for capturing pictures from both Front and Back camera.
  • 9 Dots Icon (to the right of camera click icon) will take you to your Gallery.
  • You can turn on or off the grid in capturing photo.
  • You can turn on or off the Flash of your camera while taking a photo.
  • Once you are done taking photo or choosing your photo to be uploaded, tap the Tick Icon to proceed.
  • You may then add some description for your photo to be uploaded.
  • Please remember to choose the CORRECT Category and Sub-category where your picture will best belong.
  • Then you can also choose in what social sites you are going to share it by ticking the Boxes.
  • Then Press Post and your picture will be live!


  1. Can I Find People to Follow?
  • Tap the Settings Icon to go into your Account.
  • Tap Find Friends and then choose to find friends from Facebook or Twitter accounts if you have them.
  • Tap the Plus Icon (+) whose profile you want to Follow.


  1. How to Vote Random
  • Tap the VS Icon at the top right of your screens.
  • Two Random photos will appear automatically without selecting any category and subcategory.
  • In order to Vote, you will have to set your Gender first and also your Country if you have not yet set them during your sign up?
  • Now just click on the Picture that you prefer and your vote will be registered in the system and two more pictures will appear!

How to Vote ‘Discover’

  • Press The Discover button and you’ll be taken to a Page    that will show you all the different Categories!
  • Choose one of the categories and you’ll then see 3 choices of sub-category with some filters below. Change any filters below that you would like to see and then click on one of the 3 sub-categories above and then you’ll be in a Voting screen with pictures from your filtered choices.


  1. Where is my Selfieez World Ranking?
  • You can see Your Selfiees World Ranking displayed next to the crown icon ‘Rank’. Click Rank and there you will find the Top 10 Rankings overall and also the Top 10 Rankings within each category. Your own Rank will also be displayed below the Top 10 when you scroll down. The slide bar at the top of this page will allow you to see the current Rankings within each different Category.
  • Another special feature is the ability to select a date so that you can view previous World Rankings.
  • Make sure you have already selected Your own Country within your profile Screen as this will act as your default setting. If you also wish to see the Rankings within a different specific Country then you can change the view by clicking All Countries (Top Left) and then Making a new Country choice.


  1. What are and where are my Badges?
  • Your Badges are your rewards for your Activity inside Selfieez. Starting right from the beginning Your ‘Go’Badge is received when sharing your First Photo.
  • Tap the Badge Icon inside your Profile, on the left of your profile photo to see your current list of Badges. They will also be displayed at the exact moment you earn them inside your activity feed.
  • With every photo upload, like, or being voted on there will be individual points awarded and as those points grow then you move towards earning the next Higher Badge. Each specific Badge brings with it a Bonus award of points and so the more you play Selfieez the higher up the rankings you are likely to go.


  1. Where can I link my other networks?
  • You can link your Social Accounts from your Edit Profile Screen. Tap the Settings Icon in your profile and you’ll be taken to your Account.
  • Next Tap the Social Sites you want to link and share your Selfieez photos.


  1. Can I Report another User?
  • You can Report another User if you think they are clearly not following the rules of Selfieez (as laid down inside our Terms of Use) and pose a threat to our harmonious community.
  • Tap the three dots icon on another user’s profile then you will get an option to report.
  1. How to Block another user
  • If you experience a challenge with another user who is making inappropriate posts on your Photos then we suggest in the first instance you simply Block that user.
  • Tap the three dots on the offending post then your option to Block will appear.


Thank you for checking out the FAQ page and we trust you found what you were looking for. It is our hope that the Selfieez App is an intuitive, easy to navigate and Fun application. If you feel that you have a question that we could answer and Add to this page in order to help other Selfieez users then we would love to hear from you.


© The Copyright for the Selfieez Brand belongs to Imidal Limited. For more information or enquiries you can email us at:info@selfieez.com