Community Guidelines




Selfieez Community Guidelines


  1. Make sure to Post your own Selfie/Photos.
  2. Select accurately which category and sub-category it belongs to.
  3. Vote for the photos you like the most.
  4. Respect All, Don’t be a spoiler!
  5. ENJOY, and be proud of who you are!
  6. Check out your ‘Selfieez World Ranking’



These are Selfieez Community Guidelines and are designed in order to help you enjoy, understand and share a productive attitude along with building positive habits as a member of the Selfieez community. By using Selfieez, you are also liable to our Terms of Use.

  1. Make sure to Post your own Selfie/Photos.

Selfieez is an application where you can take and upload your selfies, but we have to ask that you don’t violate our rules by sharing someone else’s photo. We respect you and ask that you respect our other users’ and their copyright ownership since they are the owner of the photos they have uploaded. You may vote on someone’s photo, tap the heart logo to like or even put comments below the photo, if you want to express your appreciation towards their photos.

  1. B. Select accurately which category and sub-category for your photos.

Selfieez has eight categories and in each category it has 3 sub-categories, Please choose the right category for your photo for voting purposes. Photos that are not in their proper category and sub-category may be removed. The Selfieez application is not only for uploading photos but more importantly it is about the Fun of comparing Photo’s, hence we created the different Categories so that you can generally compare Like for Like. So please help to keep Selfieez, making sense! by choosing the most appropriate category for each individual photo upload.

  1. Vote for the photos you like the most.

In the Selfieez application you can upload, vote and be voted upon. Our Selfieez Team attitude is always that you are voting on the Photo that you prefer more than the other Photo that it is matched against. Much like two Tennis players matched against each other! One of them wins but it does not mean that the other one was also not a good player! With every vote you make, you give a designated point for another person, which in turn helps to build their ‘Selfieez World Ranking’ So Vote for a photo if it’s in the correct category and sub-category and if it doesn’t violate our rules.

  1. D. Do share photos that are safe to all ages.

We have a diverse society with many different cultural backgrounds and all your Selfie Photos and posts can be seen by all ages and users can join as young as 13 years old. We encouraged you and all our users to maintain our professionalism and keep all content in line with the App Store’s rating for nudity and mature content. Thus, uploading and sharing nudity or any mature content is strictly not acceptable inside Selfieez. Self-promotion or commercial solicitation of any kind, will not be tolerated. Also please be aware that other users can easily notice when someone is posting the same comment over and over again or even following many accounts just to gain reciprocated followers, therefore the Selfieez team is asking for your honest, sincere and respectful approach within the Selfieez community, Thanks.

  1. E. ENJOY, and be proud of who you are!

Selfieez is a great application where you can immediately upload and share your lovely photos and proudly show the World who you are. Every person is unique and that is what we love at Selfieez. While the ‘age of the internet’ is truly and incredible one, now by using Selfieez it is easier than ever to connect with not only your friends and relatives but with all like-minded people who want to say “This is Me” and who share a common interest! Selfieez has many different categories and trusts that you’ll find a few that suit you perfectly! We also hope that you enjoy collecting the many Badges and Achievement awards along the way!

  1. Check out your ‘Selfieez World Ranking’

Can you take a Selfie that can reach the Top of the Selfieez World Rankings? Well, someone has to be on the number One spot! Why not you? The whole idea of the ‘Selfieez World Ranking’ came from the creators love of pictures and of competitive sports and so what better way than to combine the two. The Comparison of pictures is for Fun purposes only and in choosing one picture you are merely stating that you Prefer that one! And not necessarily suggesting that you do not Like the other one! The preferences for Age and Gender and Country location that we ask for inside your Profile are used within our Algorithm for the purpose of you being able to choose to Compare Pictures in as much of a Like-for-like way as possible, to increase your enjoyment. And likewise for where your pictures may feed into the Apps system.


What is Not permitted inside Selfieez

Please read the Rules below to fully understand what is not permitted when using the Selfieez application. Also note that any violation of our Rules or Terms of Use may lead to your account being disabled, suspended or deleted without your permission. In order to have unlimited access to our application, you have to follow Selfieez terms.


  1. You are Not allowed to upload photos that show nudity or mature content.

This is a very important rule that we ask you to consider first before uploading your selfies. You are not allowed to upload any photo that shows nudity or any mature content; remember it can be seen by children, your boss, or even your parents. This rule also applies in setting up your profile pictures. If you upload and share any mature content, your account in Selfieez may be disabled immediately. We may remove images that show nude or partially nude children for safety reasons. We appreciate that you or families in general might upload innocent pictures of their children but we are also aware that not every person has the best intentions with regards to copying or sharing those pictures in appropriate ways and so we at Selfieez will act with the best intentions at all times in order to protect everyone using our service.


  1. You are not allowed to share or upload photos of illegal content.

The sharing of illegal content as outlined in our Terms of Use is not permitted and if you do so your account may be disabled and the Selfieez team will take appropriate action, which may include reporting you to the authorities.

  1. Spam is a spoiler, don’t do it.

Sellfieez is a place where everyone can upload and share their awesome photos with the world and when anyone gets involved in spamming behaviour of any description then it just spoils things for all the other people. Not to mention the damaging effect it can have on any business. So our policy is to not allow spamming of any type, No self-promotion, no coupon codes, No URL’s to websites etc. The Selfieez team is concerned with all our users’ safety and asks that you respect our subscribers by not approaching them for profit-making purposes and other actions that may disrespect our users.

  1. Rude gets Booed.

Selfieez is a social and fun place where people around the globe should experience security and assurance in uploading and sharing some of the special moments in their lives through photos. Being rude will only get you Booed So don’t do it because this is not the place to abuse, attack, harass, be nasty or even pretend to be someone else. If the team receives statements of disagreements or any protest about your conduct, we’ll send a warning or may even disable your account. In preference, we’d suggest users block other users who are not acting in an appropriate fun, positive or supportive way. Selfieez is a place to celebrate our differences of appearance and different interests.

  1. Do not bully or make any action of harassment.

We are not tolerating bullies or any form of harassment here. This application is open to all and you have the freedom to comment openly about pictures, but we will respond to all reports and offensive practices will be dealt with. We do not give anyone permission to offend others based on their race, ethnic background, national region, religion, sex, gender, disability or medical condition. If you are found to be harassing anyone else inside Selfieez then we will automatically block you and you will no longer have access to the application.


Reporting Abuse

If you see something in Selfieez that violates our terms, you should report it to us. If you are offended or being harassed by someone, we suggest you report it to us and or simply use our blocking feature so that the offending user is no longer able to see your pictures or profile. Once you have Blocked the offending user You may contact the team for us to evaluate the reported user or post, by going into Settings, Support and you’ll see the feedback tab where you’ll be able to send a message to the Selfieez team. Please keep in mind that reporting an issue or any user that may violate our terms does not guarantee that it will be removed from the app immediately but our team will do their best to cater to all reports and evaluate each one of them on an individual basis.


Is Selfieez the place for you?

Yes it Probably is! However if you think our guidelines are too strict or even if you disagree with them, then maybe our community is not a good fit for you.

Our team values and implements the above set of guidelines/policies/rules and we feel that these will sustain Selfieez as a trustworthy, enjoyable and user-friendly place that is suitable for everyone to express themselves in a positive fashion. An application that you are proud to be a member of, a place where you feel safe to be able to say to the world “This is Me”



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