If you’re hoping to see a funny selfie, you got it here.   This one is a selfie from @8_plamison with a caption “Working on my tan…over Clearwater Beach.”   I think it’s funny.... Read More

Great Smiles

Nothing can make your day any better than seeing people with beautiful smiles, right?   A smile is a reflection of happiness, contentment, and a lot more positive things in life. So if someone sm... Read More


Antonia here from twitter, @AntoniaMusician, asks to be added in snapchat as well. So if you got it, add her up at @antoniacoolkid. Social media is totally all over. Come on now and snapchat her. &nbs... Read More


That superbly wide grin!   Obviously, the horse is happier than the selfie taker. Haha.   It is amazing how perfectly timed that these photos were taken. Photos like these bring smiles to th... Read More