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10 Top Tips to a Fit and Healthy Summer by Alex Crockford


1 – Dream, Believe, Achieve

Firstly, you must know what you want to achieve in order to get there! Nothing has ever been achieved by accident, so you should spend some time writing some specific goals, whether that’s in fitness performance, weight, body fat percentage or even size measurements. With these goals set in place you can set action plans to work towards achieving what you desire, making motivation over the summer a lot stronger! Most people’s motivation at this time of year is their summer holiday, where they will be wearing almost nothing… What’s your motivation? Whatever it is, think about it everyday to stay focussed on reaching your goals.


2 – More Water

I’m sure you’ve heard this piece of advice many times before. Why? Because it’s so important and has a huge impact on you reaching your goals. The standard recommended amount is 2 litres per day, however it depends on many things such as your activity levels. My top tip is to carry a re-fillable bottle with you all day and just keep drinking when you can; drink before you’re thirsty! Extra tip: add a few green teas alongside that pure water for extra health benefits and fat burning!


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