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Ask Alex
Less Sugar! 
Well, it’s great news that most people are starting to get their head around the fact that sugar has a very large part to play in causes of obesity, metabolic syndromes and many other health issues. However that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to avoid, especially because sugar is hidden in so many foods you wouldn’t realise they’re in, let alone the obvious ones.
If you want quick and real results in fat loss and health then you must reduce your sugar intake, not just here and there but on a consistent basis. My top tip:
~ you must gain nutritional value knowledge. By this I mean, the skill to read food labels in the supermarket. Don’t leave it to chance by trusting clever brand marketing and advertisement, and start taking responsibility to find out what is really in the food that you choose to eat.
Eat Fat, Lose Fat 
Now that ‘sugar’ is the new bad guy, that means that the old bad guy; ‘fat’ is let off the hook. It’s well known fact, backed up by numerous research studies that good fats are imperative for health and fitness. Fats are broken down in to many categories, so choosing quality of which fats is extremely important. Focus on eating the fats that are high in omega 3 such as raw nuts, avocado, flaxseed, oily fish, walnut oil and the list goes on. Once these omega 3 sources are abundant in your diet, you will receive fantastic health and fat loss results like never before, in perfect time for that summer body.
By Alex Crockford
~Selfieez Fitness Guru


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