Have you heard this expression? You get back what you put in Well, this is so often the outcome in many life situations! Be they projects, assignments, sports, games, employment and even relationships!

However not everyone is naturally adept at applying themselves, day in and day out! Especially when the road can be rocky with setbacks, disappointments and unexpected challenges! So it can be vital to learn how to create and use attitudes that will help you to excel in all that you strive for in life.

Your attitude to your entire experience of life can play a large part in shaping just how successful you become, so choose your attitudes carefully!

Below are some of my favorite attitudes that have guided me and may come in handy in shaping your approach to any given situation!

  • Always give your best efforts no matter what the situation is quitting is rarely the right option!
  • Accept responsibility for yourself and your actions. Let everything you say and do be the result of you.
  • Choose to be positive and optimistic, especially when things seem to be going against you and be willing to work hard to acquire this attitude, it is so worth it!
  • Be patient and persistent with yourself when it comes to mistakes, they are giving you information from which to learn.
  • Win the contest inside your mind first, for that can often be a far tougher challenge than any outside force or opponent
  • Work hard and be patient for every little improvement.
  • Take every little success and let it motivate you to put in further effort.
  • Let mistakes and errors add more fuel to your positive and optimistic attitudes.
  • Know that doing the best you can do is the ultimate victory.
  • Look for the fun and joy in anything you are doing, and know that fun will help all aspects of your performance.
  • Remember that you are in charge of the pressure you put on yourself and If you choose to look at situations as positive and challenging, instead of threatening, you can very often release that pressure to a more manageable level.
  • When you meet tough challenges, work harder and smarter to overcome them.
  • Sometimes working hard is demanded by those around you! But taking on board this attitude and strong work ethic can be so much more fun than being Lazy and also it can give you a great sense of achievement.
  • Be active rather than reactive and go for what you want to achieve. Go for it!



The more you give to learning and improving yourself with quality attitudes, then your mind will steadily build a pattern of thought that is far more productive within most situations!

It does take practice to change non-productive attitudes and to get you started I suggest you write down any of your current attitudes that you think might hold you back from achieving all the things you would like achieve? Next, pick one and see if you can rearrange your own words, retaining some positive words, to help reflect an improved attitude that will be far more beneficial.


This is Me, Aldo