Reflections and Insights from Aldo

Being Human and Humanity! can be seen apart today within various places around the world, with all our troubled times. A focus on Having in certain ways can be in part responsible along with aspects of our human nature. Is it really about having? Money, Power, Status etc or is it more about How one goes about getting it and then once you have it “What you do with it” Many a wise man has said Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! What a Beautiful way to consider how to be with all other humans and beings that you come into contact with! I wonder how much pain, suffering and anguish would be avoided if far more people chose this path as a Rule of Life.

Of course one has to want to have a life of peace and harmony and friendship in order for a calmer world to exist. Here in lies the challenges of our beliefs and the complexities of our individual perspectives.




Certainly a Helpful Perspective to consider might be that All People are Equal and that treating every person that you come into contact with, in a fashion of basic equality, could never do anything other than to encourage Respect, Consideration and Kindness. When linked with the guiding thought of Do unto others one could indeed build a healthy reciprocation of positive thoughts and actions.


We are all Equal People of the World



Four Hands Joined Together


So when looking at Global events of the past and present it would seem as a Human race we are slow to learn how to create harmony on a larger scale and align it with health and prosperity! Yet within many smaller diverse groups or circles it would appear to be possible and achievable.

What is the reason for our Life as individuals or indeed as shared parts of a whole?

For many thousands of years people have contemplated the meaning of life and in my very simple conclusion, We as humans are not capable of completely understanding what life is all about, at least not in a conscious way, very probably because there is so much more to Our Existence that we have yet to fathom or indeed are able to understand in our conscious human form. Perhaps a way to consider what I’m suggesting here is that we only use 10% of our brains capacity (as I understand it) so we are in essence still in the early stages of our Human evolution, assuming of course that there are continual stages!

It has been suggested that we are Spiritual Beings within our Human forms and on a journey of Existence and possibly as a group on this planet that we are slowly increasing our awareness of self!

Then, you may well ask why oh why! does the world seem like it is in such a mess? which of course is a very understandable question. My immediate response would be that while I’m sure there is an increase in self awareness within a greater number of people around the world, as yet there are not enough of these More Aware People holding positions of Authority. Therefore improvements are slow to appear and the inevitable cycle of Ego-Anger-Confused Aggression is continually on display.

So is there any hope? any hope for humanity? YES, I believe there is always hope that those with the skills and desire can make a difference in teaching young people about Beliefs that can help them to create a World in more Balance for the future.

Imagine this, The guiding qualification to become a Ruler or Leader of a Country, would be that of  WISDOM above all other contributing criteria! an interesting thought? How many of the current World Leaders would you feel qualify at this moment in time?

In conclusion; When We are More able to Observe the interesting differences between us and also Celebrate, Communicate and Activate all our commonalities as Equal Human Beings on this planet, then we will improve our chances of increasing our understanding of our Self Existence! as well as improving all of our lives.

By Aldo