Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have instant confidence, whenever you so desired it?

Well, You can and its all about Acting exactly how you want to be feeling, no matter what the circumstances are!

You see, your thoughts, feelings and muscles (physical reactions) are linked in a two way street and they all affect each other. You can change negative or doubting emotions into positive ones by acting out with your body, just how you would like to feel by using your muscles to stimulate these preferred feelings, for example the feeling of Confidence!



This trick is one used by sporting professionals but is equally useful in many different situations! Changing your physiology works. When you are tense and anxious, learn to relax and breathe deeply from your abdomen, using your diaphragm. When you are afraid or lose confidence, hold your body in way that expresses supreme confidence. Hold your head high, shoulders back and chest out, be calm and breathe in a controlled manner. Try to display at all times, the image of a Confident and secure person who is in control of themselves constantly. It’s just you acting, but think about it for a moment! When we go to the Movies and see great performances! we can be totally convinced and involved in the story due to the actors display of true emotions created partly by choosing the appropriate physical approach.

Now of course the way you hold your body and the way you move is also linked to the attitude and the mental approach that you are also presenting, its that two way street I mentioned and now that your body is playing its role, you need to back it up with your mind as one without the other rarely works. So its vital that you continue this process and get into character and start thinking positively and confidently to match your new Confident body posturing! Make sure that your self talk is positive and encouraging, and that your attitude is a can-do and will-do attitude and before you know it, you’ll actually be feeling Confident! just like the person you are acting to be!

Hollywood here you come!

This is Me, Aldo