LOOK Who’s Talking?

Do you sometimes talk to yourself in your head, in a way that you wouldn’t even dream of talking to your best friend? And just who is in charge of the negative feelings that you create? Negative self talk and the feelings that can accompany it can have a very damaging effect on your everyday life and in your performance in activities.

So how can you take better control over this self talk? Here is one technique that can help you right now just use your remote! 🙂

OK, so find a quiet place to sit for a moment if possible and then cast your mind back to a time, previously when you experienced negative self talk along with some uncomfortable feelings. Once you are there in your mind, remembering that time when you talked to yourself so negatively and how you actually felt back then! Now imagine a TV remote control in your hand that you can use to play with and alter, the voice that talks to you. When using the remote notice any changes that occur that help to remove any bad feelings? here are some suggestions for some interesting buttons on your Remote to combat that inner negative voice.


Notice where the voice comes from, is it your head? And press the MOVE IT button on your remote. Move the voice from your head to your thumb, allowing it to still say the same things though!

Press the FAST FORWARD or SLOW MOTION button and make the voice speed up or slow down does that make you laugh?

Reduce the VOLUME and make the voice much softer.

Press the GLOOP button and make the voice get all glued up!

Press the FOREIGN button and make the voice speak in a foreign accent.

Press the HELP button and create another voice which tells the negative one to be quiet, and being polite is not required! lol 🙂

My help button creates Mr P, that Mr positive and he will not stand for any negativity!

Press the SILLY button and make the voice talk in a ridiculous manner.

Repeat the process again and again for a few minutes until the negative voice that you were hearing goes away. Then test your success by trying to conjure up the uncomfortable feelings that you originally used from before, along with that Negative self talk you remembered. If any negativity remains continue with your remote play for a little longer.

Once you have tried this technique out in practice, using a past experience of your own negative self-talk and when you are happy with the process, then you are ready to use your imaginary remote to deal with your negative self voice the very next time it starts interfering with your day.

This is Me! Mr P, aka Aldo