Have you ever asked yourself, Who am I?

I suspect it is a lifetime journey, however the sooner you begin to understand your journey then the sooner you’ll discover just who you are! New feelings will enter your life, the beginning of self acceptance and clarity, of comfort within yourself, a confidence and willingness to say to the world This is Me

Where to start?

The first thing to know at the beginning of any journey is exactly where you are starting from? So ask yourself, what is important to me? What brings me Joy? What values define me at the moment, and who are my friends and why? Remember its not about Labels (Jock, Geek etc) it’s not about fitting into any category or group and also when you start asking yourself these questions it is not just about who you feel you might be right now! But more importantly who do you want to become? The real you, Who do you Aspire to be!




Life is a journey of self discovery, which starts a fresh each new day!
Selfieez is a journey of Self Discovery, through Self expression of your Pictures!
This is Me, Aldo