It has been proven that people who set goals in any area of their life achieve more than people who don’t. Interesting, isn’t it? Therefore it makes good sense to set yourself some clear goals when something is important to you.

Goals help you to direct your attention to tasks, they can help motivate and sustain your motivation and they can improve the quality of your work, study, sport and exams and most other things that are performance related. Goals give you something to strive for, they create challenges, they increase satisfaction and confidence and they encourage you to think and devise an effective and strategic plan for how to achieve those goals. Wow, Goals Rock!


The very first thing to do with whatever desirable goal you may have is to self check, basically imagine how you would feel if you had already achieved this Goal? If everything feels great and its all positive in your mind then you know its a worthwhile Goal to have and a good idea, to go get it!

OK, so you have decided on a Goal or Goals even! why not more than one?Now make sure you look at the whole picture, just how important are they to you? Do you really have the time to chase them? Take a look at your own strengths and weaknesses, Do you need any help to achieve these goals? And keep in mind that if you can have fun while pursuing them with a really positive and optimistic attitude, then you’ll be far more likely to achieve them.


  • Use something to write your Goals down with, iPad, Computer, paper pad whatever, just list them writing them down will help you make a commitment to achieve them, trust me I’m a Doctor! Actually I’m not but just write them down anyway!
  • Set challenging and inspiring goals that will stretch you, if its too easy you hardly need the motivation of Goal setting.
  • Set realistic and measurable goals, If its Pie in the Sky and does not fit into your Belief system, then its a Non starter. Make sure to also have a way of telling if you are succeeding! some measurement or % completed.
  • Set performance goals (that are as much under your control as possible) rather than just outcome based goals. While the Outcome can be your End-Goal, set smaller performance based goals that will help you climb the steps needed to reach the Top of the stairs!
  • Set specific goals state them clearly and precisely with as much detail as you can comfortably find. You can always Add more details as you go.
  • Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. This is a very important element, so be clear with yourself as Goals are things you move towards, not things you move away from.


  • So you have written your goals down, in a list maybe! Now Number them in terms of Importance! This way you’ll clearly know where to start.
  • Choose only a few goals from your list to work on at any given time and be sure to put a clear Timescale on each one, Ideal Start Finish dates.
  • By all means have some long term objectives in mind but then set short term goals that produce immediate feedback and that way you will keep your motivation fresh.
  • Next to your list of goals its a great idea to write a plan of action for each one, just how you will achieve them? Some key things that you will need to make happen in order to start and keep you on track.
  • Separate the steps/actions/Key things to do and put a target date stamp for achieving them. Having to achieve certain things by certain dates will help guide you.
  • Remember having a sensible and flexible approach to your Goals is vital, as things can change, life and people can get in the way! Be as disciplined as you need to be and also be aware of what is happening around you, if you need to adjust a Goal, then allow yourself to do so.
  • Break Bigger Goals down into smaller pieces to help make them feel more manageable, using my stairs analogy from above, if your Goal wants to be achieved in 6 months time, have a marker to be achieved by each month.
  •  Take some action now! To set One of your goals in motion.



Check up on your goals regularly and re-evaluate them. Take any appropriate action needed to keep yourself on course. Congratulate yourself when you achieve your targets, maybe celebrate in some way. If progress is slow try not to be too hard on yourself, see each result as more information that you can learn from.


Make your current set of goals into a poster and place them somewhere easy to view so that you can make it a ritual to look at them every day.


This is Me, Aldo