Sometimes things move fast around us and it’s easy to lose sight of yourself and get caught up in what is going on with everybody else! So you really do need to take a step back sometimes and look after yourself, OK.

One way to do that is by acknowledging your desires your dreams and your needs and by taking steps to meet them. Try to examine and make note of your talents, your unique gifts and allow yourself to appreciate all of your achievements to date no matter how large or small.

I challenge you right now write down One talent you have, perhaps One unique gift, what’s yours? we all have at least One thing we are gifted at (If you are not clear on your unique gift just yet, Give it time and it will become clear) Also write down any One achievement that you are personally proud of.

When you can accept yourself and I mean all aspects of yourself then your awareness will be nurtured and you will be helping yourself to feel far more confident and assured and balanced. Once you are truly acknowledging yourself in this way then you will be able to acknowledge more fully those people around you as well.

If you can reach a place within yourself (a comfort zone) that allows you to be fully aware of your surroundings and not only those people close to you but also strangers! Then you will find that you are also helping to put all the other people around you at ease! In any given situation, I wonder, do you know someone like this already? If you do then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about here!

Acknowledging yourself can actually lead to an improved perspective, and a nurturing of the many positive qualities of the people who you surround yourself with, so it is well worth learning to appreciate yourself far more often, by acknowledging yourself and by being truly YOU.

So Recognize who you truly are! Acknowledge your higher self and become aware of your innate uniqueness and what you will surely find is more balance and calmness and peace of mind.


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This is Me, Aldo